Join the Vancouver Newcomers Club

Welcome to the Vancouver Newcomers Club!

We welcome you to join the Vancouver Newcomers Club.  But first, please read the following eligibility guidelines.

  • You are a woman who lives in Vancouver, North Vancouver, Richmond, New Westminster or Burnaby.
  • You have lived here less than 4 years.
  • You understand that there is a $50 annual fee which covers membership from July to June and it is non-refundable. (If you join between January and June, you pay half the annual fee.)

If you meet these guidelines and would like to join VNC, please fill out this Member Registration form and send it to

Visit the FAQ page for testimonials from VNC Members.

A message from Vancouver’s former mayor, Gregor Roberts…
“Moving to a new city can be a daunting experience. Vancouver Newcomers Club provides a safe and enjoyable environment for meeting other women in the same situation. Women connecting, socializing and building new friendships is an ideal recipe for success. It’s a great way to experience the many recreational and cultural opportunities our city has to offer and to have fun doing it.”

A quote from a member: “I was fortunate to have known about Newcomers before I moved here, so I attended my first meeting two weeks after I arrived in this big, beautiful city. What a great group! I’m not sure how or where I would have met anyone if I had not joined VNC!”