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Welcome to Vancouver Newcomers Club


Vancouver Newcomers Club (VNC) has been welcoming women new to Vancouver since 1985 and in 2025 is our 40th Anniversary! We have come a long way!

Ours is a bona fide club with 80 members and the number keeps growing! We are vibrant, happy, friendly, and diverse women, who believe in building and sustaining long lasting friendships. Women who have resided in Vancouver for less than five years and wish to be part of this warm family- VNC, seek us out and join us, and then never wish to leave us. We also accommodate women who have had life-changing circumstances in the year before applying for membership, which is subject to approval by the executive board.

We invite women of all ages and this year we launched Young Newcomers Club (YNC) for women under 49 or who are working. YNC is under the umbrella of VNC; the members enjoy their movies and pub nights after work, while many others enjoy their walks, morning coffees, happy hours, and lunches (with no less fun). So, there is something for every woman!



VNC Mission

Members are guided by the VNC constitution and bylaws. The purpose of the club is to welcome women new to Vancouver and to the neighbouring areas that do not have our associated newcomers’ clubs. Our members are very supportive, friendly, and inclusive. Our mission is to create a strong sense of warmth, and friendship among its members.

VNC Activities

We have regular activities like Monday coffees, monthly happy hour, lunch bunch, monthly dinner, Saturday walks and then we have special activities. All the activities involve plenty of chatting, sharing, and laughing. Each activity is convened by one of our volunteer members, and sometimes if we want to go watch a movie or theatre, we post a Join Me in our newsletter or send an email to whoever we would like for company. There is always a friend to join you and enjoy an event with you.

Special Events

Along with our regular activities, we offer a range of Special Events to feature one-of-a-kind Vancouver experiences throughout the year. These include private tours, concerts, wine tasting and much more! In 2021 and 2022 we went to the Art Crawl on the Sunshine Coast. Not only did the group enjoy the art, they also interacted personally with the artistes.

Check us Out

If you would like to join us, please email to- If you are not sure and would like to check us out, you are welcome to attend any two activities prior to joining- a Monthly dinner, Monday coffee, happy hour, lunch, or walk and talk with us on a Saturday morning.

Young Newcomers Club [YNC]

We who have nurtured our friendships over the years, are opening our hearts and membership to younger members who are working, new to Vancouver and who may have had a misconception that VNC is only for golden women with silver hair. We know how difficult it is to make new friends in a new city and to sustain those friendships. So, if you have lived in Vancouver for less than 5 years, you could be working or not, and looking to make like-minded friends, and an empowering supportive social circle – look no further! VNC has launched an additional wing to our diverse and inclusive club, tailored to unite and celebrate youYNC- Young Newcomers Club!

Over the last 40 years, VNC has created a strong sense of warmth and friendship among its members. In alignment with this vision, we continue creating a similar nurturing and dynamic space where young women that are new to the city can also make lifelong friends and keep their calendar full of happy and exciting activities!

To join YNC or to learn more, feel free to reach out to us at  with YNC as the subject.

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