About Vancouver Newcomers Club

The Vancouver Newcomers Club provides women new to Vancouver an opportunity to meet and socialize with other women. This is a wonderful way to make new friends and become acquainted with our beautiful city.

The Vancouver Newcomers Club (VNC) has existed in Vancouver for 30 years.  We are a member of the National Newcomers Association of Canada.


The Vancouver Newcomers Club holds a dinner meeting on the first Tuesday of each month at a local restaurant. Non-members may attend two meetings/Coffee Mondays as a registered guest. With a light meeting agenda and plenty of socializing, these meetings are a great opportunity to meet some of our members and learn more about VNC Activities.

VNC Regular Activities  for our members range from coffee klatches to wine tastings, movie matinees to walking groups.  As well, special events have included ball games, ghost walks and tulip tours. There is pretty much something for everyone; and if not, members are always encouraged to initiate new activities.

Once you become a member of VNC, you will receive additional information by email and have access to our monthly calendar showing all our activities and events for the month. Then you’ll have the opportunity to sign up each month for the activities or events you wish to attend.

For more information on joining Vancouver Newcomers Club, email us at membership@vancouvernewcomersclub.com.

As a newcomer who arrived last summer, I want to tell you how the club has made a huge impact in my life. It’s because of you that I feel so much at home here in Vancouver. Not only does the club provide many wonderful venues for us to have fun, make friends and discover the city, but it provides us with a safety net as we know we can count on each other at all times, should we ever need it.

Vancouver Newcomers Club Member