If you don’t find the answer you are looking for, email us at: membership@vancouvernewcomersclub.com

Do I have to live in Vancouver to be eligible to join?

You must be a new resident of Vancouver, North Vancouver, New Westminster, Richmond or Burnaby to join our club. Other areas surrounding Vancouver (West Vancouver, Surrey) have their own Newcomers Clubs.

Are VNC activities geared to single women or couples?

Whether you are single or partnered, you can find activities and friends to meet your interests.  Most activities are geared to members only, but certain special events are open to partners or other guests.  There is an auxiliary group, the “Very Important Partners” for male partners of members.

Can I try the club out before I join?

You are welcome to attend two meetings or Coffee Mondays  before joining.  This is a great way to meet some of the members.

How do I get to meetings and activities?

Most of our activities are easily accessible by car or public transit.  If you would prefer to attend along with someone else, let us know and we’ll try to connect you with someone near you or have someone meet you at the event.

What period does the membership fee cover?

The annual dues cover our membership year, which runs from July 1 to June 30 of the following year. Women joining VNC between January 1 and June 30 pay half the cost of an annual membership. The membership fee is non-refundable.

How is the membership fee used?

The club is run by volunteers, so the membership funds go to covering administrative costs. We pay to maintain our website and our membership with the National Newcomers Council of Canada, which includes insurance coverage.  Some special events, such as the Spring Fling and Christmas Social, are subsidized by the club.

Is there an additional fee to join any of the interest groups?

The membership fee covers the cost of joining the club and allows you to participate in as many regular activities as you like. There is usually an additional charge for special events such as theatre tickets or tours and you might be asked to contribute a small amount toward refreshments at an event.  However, these costs are made very clear upfront.

What if I have an interest that isn’t represented in VNC activities?

The VNC activity calendar is always adapting to the interests of members.  Members are always invited to initiate and convene new activities. Are you looking for someone to go skiing with you?  Do you want company at a play or concert?  If they don’t work as ongoing events, they can be promoted through our Activities Chair as a “Join Me” event.

 Do I have to host events?

Many VNC activities are held at public venues, but some activity groups meet in members’ homes and the women take turns hosting them. However, hosting is not a requirement for participating. The convener of each event will be able to give you more details.

Can I remain a VNC member indefinitely?

You can remain a VNC member for four years, after which it’s assumed that you’re no longer a newcomer to the city.  However the Vancouver Newcomers Alumni (VNA) group offers many activities for those wishing to remain connected to the group.

I knew as soon as I moved to Vancouver that it was an amazing city. Four years later, thanks to Newcomers, it’s an amazing city full of wonderful friends. Thanks, VNC!”
Vancouver Newcomers Club Member