VNC Regular Activities and Special Events

The Vancouver Newcomers Club usually meets formally on the first Tuesday of each month for a dinner meeting. Also, we arrange and provide a wide range of VNC activities and special events for our members including movies, book clubs, Vancouver dining, wine tasting, golf, hiking, golf, yoga, knitting, theatre, and so much more.


Movie Matinée

An afternoon outing for members to enjoy the cinema together.

Coffee Mondays

Start the week with coffee and great conversation.


Happy Hour

Try different lounges, restaurants and wine bars one afternoon a month, from 3:00-5:00 pm.

Wine Tasting

Good food, good wine and great company, held once a month at a member’s home.

Culture Club

Artistic and social activities or events designed to showcase the heritage and cultural scene of Vancouver.

Dinners Out

Saturday Night Live dinners, Pub Nights and Cooks ‘n Books provide opportunities to dine out with VNC friends.

French Toast

Lunch Brunch

Join other members on a fun outing for lunch, usually to an area a little outside downtown Vancouver.

Cooks n’ Books

Join other members with a similar interest in reading and especially food. This book club will feature topics that touch on food and cooking. We will read books and blogs, and watch movies and programs about food and chefs.

Knit Wits

A once-a-month get-together to work on your knitting, crocheting or other handwork.

Work Out with Friends

Explore our beautiful city on foot with weekly walks organized by VNC conveners. Other physical activities may include skating, golf and cycling, depending on the sea

Walk, Talk & Coffee

Meet on Saturday mornings for a walk in Stanley Park, followed by coffee in the West End. 


VNC conveners also organize special events, such as:

  • Vancouver Art Gallery tours
  • High tea, various locations
  • Okanagan Wine Country weekend
  • Bard on the Beach performances
  • Harbour Boat cruise and luncheon
  • Chinese New Year dinner and tour
  • Vancouver Symphony Christmas Concert
  • Annual Winter and Spring Fling parties
  • Ghostly Gastown Tour
  • Weekend in Seattle
  • Vancouver Canadians baseball games

New activities and events are often added to our roster.

Once you become a member of VNC you will receive additional information and have access to our monthly calendar showing all newcomers activities and events for the month. You will receive emails and have the opportunity to sign up each month for the activities or events you wish to attend.

If you are interested in participating in one of our activities, please send us an email for more information.